Minnesotans Knock Tyler Kistner’s Stance on Cutting Social Security & Medicare, Praise Rep. Craig’s Bipartisan Record in New Ad

October 27, 2022

Kistner has said he would “like to look at” raising the retirement age and supports a plan to raise prescription drug costs for seniors 

Burnsville, MN – Rep. Craig contrasts her work to strengthen Social Security and Medicare with her opponent Tyler Kistner’s willingness to “look at” raising the retirement age in a new ad, “Listening.”

In Congress, Rep. Craig led efforts to lower prescription drug costs and strengthen Medicare and Social Security in the face of threats to cut the programs from the GOP. 

She passed the bill to cap the cost of insulin at $35/month, introduced legislation to repeal federal taxes on Social Security benefits and even pushed her own party leadership to include Medicare price negotiation in last year’s budget legislation. 

In contrast, Kistner joined Big Pharma in opposing the Inflation Reduction Act, which caps senior drug costs at $2,000/year, allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices, extends the ACA tax credits and includes Rep. Craig’s bill to cap insulin costs at $35/month for those on Medicare and Medicaid. Kistner opposes Medicare price negotiation and has stated he would “like to look at” raising the retirement age. Additionally, he supports the GOP plan to reverse Rep. Craig’s work to cap prescription drug prices and lower costs for seniors. 

“Minnesota seniors are facing higher prices at the grocery store, at the gas station and at the pharmacy. Tyler Kistner and Republicans have spent this entire year complaining about the economy. And the solution they propose? Forcing seniors to pay even more for their medicine and slashing their Social Security payments,” said Rep. Craig. “There is only one candidate in this race who will protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and it’s not Tyler Kistner.” 

Watch “Listening” here.