YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS: “100% Pro-Life” Tyler Kistner Can’t Get His Story Straight on Roe v. Wade

Tyler Kistner said abortion restrictions “should be left at the states,” now tries to run from his extreme position

Since the reversal of Roe, 15 states have new or incoming laws banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest

Burnsville, MN –– Tyler Kistner is “100% pro-life” and supported the reversal of Roe v. Wade, allowing states to criminalize abortion without exceptions for rape or incest. After weeks of silence on the overturning of Roe and trying to cover up his extreme position, Kistner is desperate to deflect from his radical anti-choice views, but he can’t hide from the world he and his radical party leaders fought to create.

Rep. Angie Craig is pro-choice and believes that the right to an abortion should be protected in the Constitution. Craig will fight to protect abortion rights for all women.

Last week, Kistner proudly touted an endorsement from Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, an organization whose main objective is to restrict abortion “in every state and in every legislature, including the Congress.”

Kistner said decisions about reproductive rights “should be left at the states.”

Here’s what the states have done in the weeks since Roe was overturned:


  • KIMT: Future Of Abortion In MinnesotaKIMT, 6/27/22
    • “Republican candidate for governor, Dr. Scott Jensen, is an abortion opponent who believes there should be no exception for rape or incest and that the only exception should be to save the mother’s life.”

Other States: