Tyler Kistner AGAIN Reimburses Himself for Thousands in Shady Mileage Reimbursement Scheme As He Faces Public Scrutiny For Hiding Personal Finances 

July 18 2022

Kistner pocketed more than $3,000 in mileage reimbursements in Q2, months after a Star Tribune investigation detailed Kistner’s implausibly high mileage reimbursements

Reminder: Kistner still refuses to release travel logs to justify “driving the width of the United States more than 16 times” 

Burnsville, MN –– As MN-02 GOP congressional candidate Tyler Kistner continues to hide his personal finances from public view in violation of federal law, Kistner’s FEC report revealed he continued his shady reimbursement scheme that has drawn criticism from multiple nonpartisan ethics watchdogs. 

In Q2, Kistner pocketed more than $3,000 in mileage reimbursements from his own campaign, claiming to have driven nearly 5,200 miles within three months in a “fairly small suburban district.” Kistner’s latest shady mileage reimbursement is more than double the amount he claimed in Q1 of this year. With the exception of a small number of parades, Kistner was a no-show at several scheduled events during Q2.

Last year, a Star Tribune investigation revealed Kistner took shady mileage reimbursement payments from his own campaign, with numerous ethics experts questioning whether Kistner used his campaign funds for personal benefit. When pressed on his extraordinarily high mileage reimbursements, Kistner refused to release his travel logs to verify the payments he took from his campaign were legitimate.

Kistner’s lack of transparency around his personal finances has become a focal point during his latest campaign for Congress. Kistner’s campaign admitted last week to not filing a personal financial disclosure nearly two months after the May 16 deadline –– a violation of federal law. 

“Minnesotans demand that their representatives uphold the highest level of ethical conduct. But yet again, Tyler Kister is missing the mark. Tyler could clear this up tomorrow by releasing his mileage logs, but as with his personal financial disclosure, he has simply decided to hide from disclosure obligations,” said Angie Craig for Congress campaign manager Wellesley Daniels. “If Kistner can’t be honest and transparent with Minnesotans, he does not deserve their vote.”