THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD: Tyler Kistner Trumpets Plan to Restore Handouts to Big Pharma, Criminalize Abortion, Slash Seniors’ Medicare

September 23, 2022

Kistner’s support of the plan reveals policy agenda he’s avoided mentioning on the campaign trail

Burnsville, MN – Yesterday, Kevin McCarthy and other members of GOP leadership who have endorsed Kistner’s campaign for Congress released their “Commitment to America” plan, which would strip rights from and raise prices for Minnesota families. The extreme proposals include efforts to raise drug prices for seniors, criminalize abortion and cast doubt on the integrity of our elections.

Rather than standing up to extremist Washington Republicans, Tyler Kistner is hellbent on joining their radical agenda. Tyler Kistner retweeted McCarthy’s announcement yesterday and today, continuing to stand in lockstep with his Washington party bosses.

“Tyler Kistner wants to erase all the progress of the past two years by raising your prescription drug costs and then taking our country even further backward with a national abortion ban,” said Angie Craig for Congress campaign manager Wellesley Daniels. “That’s not what Minnesotans want in a representative.”

Some of the most egregious components of the plan:

  • Prescription Drugs: The plan explicitly criticizes Democrats for allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices for seniors as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, calling it a “drug takeover scheme.”
    • Kistner has repeatedly criticized efforts to lower prescription drug costs for seniors, diabetics and working families.
  • Abortion: The plan calls for protecting “the lives of unborn children and their mothers.” House Republicans last week introduced a national abortion ban that would criminalize doctors. Both the national ban and the GOP “Commitment to America” plan have won praise from anti-abortion interest groups like Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.
    • Kistner called Sen. Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban that would criminalize doctors “reasonable” last week and has pledged to support future abortion restrictions in Congress.
  • Medicare and Social Security: The GOP has put forward plans to slash and to privatize Social Security and Medicare in both the House and the Senate.
    • Kistner has said he would “like to look at” raising the retirement age.
  • Elections: The plan calls for election “observer access,” demonstrating Republican leadership’s continued commitment to Trump and his call to question the integrity of our elections. 
    • Kistner sued twice to overturn the results of the election in the Second District in 2020.