SW News Media: Paid Letter: Angie Craig is refreshing change of pace

By: Scott Wardell, Savage

The role of a representative is right in the name: to represent. However, in order for that person to be a good representative, they must be held accountable. We don’t serve our representatives; they serve us, the constituents. For years, the people of Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District have not had an accessible and accountable representative. I personally sent e-mails and inquiries to the former congressman and got either no response or a boiler plate response on a topic totally different than my inquiry. But Congresswoman Angie Craig has changed that dramatically and has shown us what a great representation looks like.

When Rep. Angie Craig was running for Congress, she made a promise: to hold a public town hall every single month that she was in office. Over the past eighteen months, we have seen that promise in action. Craig has never missed a town hall. ([A]nd doesn’t require tickets like our former congressman)[.] And every month, she takes questions from the crowd, is honest and forthright with folks, and answers the tough questions — no matter who’s asking. We are fortunate to have a representative who is committed to hearing what her constituents have to say and who has the courage to face everyone!

It’s a refreshing change of pace to have a representative who understands the value of good representation: working for all constituents. Have you noticed her active representation on the Ag committee?

Not only that, but Rep. Angie Craig has given us the opportunity to hold her accountable. And the good news is that you can tune in and do exactly that! She has at least three more town halls before election day and anyone is welcome to attend. This is truly democracy in action.

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