Sun Thisweek: Letter: Craig supports responsible solutions

By: Aaron Anderson

Wildfires are barely under control in the west. An unprecedented number of hurricanes are pummeling our southern coast. Climate change is here. Part of our post-COVID “new normal” will be the increasing frequency and impact of harmful natural events. I am worried about the effects we’ll see on our climate and economy, now and in the years to come as my sons approach graduation and set out to start their lives. This is one of many reasons to vote for U.S. Rep. Angie Craig.

Without hysterics or fanfare, Angie Craig got to work on this issue in practical, Minnesotan fashion. She campaigned on a promise to sit down with anyone willing to get things done. Angie delivered on this promise by leading the way to create one of the only bipartisan climate change solutions: a carbon fee and dividend program. Her plan would cut emissions by 40% through a carbon tax, the revenue from which would go directly back into the pockets of American families. Angie’s plan would create millions of quality jobs in construction and engineering as we build up green technology in Minnesota and across the country.

This is the kind of leadership we need in a divided Congress, and why I’m proud to have Angie fighting for us and the generations that follow.

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