Rep. Angie Craig Prepares Minnesotans for Special Interest Attack Ads in First TV Ad “Noah”

GOP-Aligned Groups Have Already Reserved $7 Million in TV Ads in MN-02

Burnsville, MN –– Today Rep. Angie Craig launched her first television ad of the 2022 cycle – “Noah” – to prepare Minnesotans for the millions of dollars in attack ads coming from special interest groups leading up to Election Day.

“The special interests and their allies don’t like that I’ve voted against their agenda in Congress, so they’re spending millions on TV ads trying to buy this seat, but we won’t let them,” said Rep. Angie Craig. “Minnesotans won’t fall for their smear campaign, and I’ll keep fighting every day to lower prescription drug costs and strengthen Medicare so my constituents can afford the health care they need.”

Rep. Craig has built a strong record of lowering healthcare costs and standing up to Big Pharma in Congress on behalf of her constituents. Craig led the charge in the House to strengthen Medicare’s negotiating power and lower prescription drug costs. She also wrote the historic bill to cap insulin copays at $35 per month.

Craig’s GOP opponent Tyler Kistner recently confirmed his out-of-touch views and stood alongside Big Pharma against lowering drug prices for seniors. Kistner opposes Craig’s insulin bill and efforts to strengthen Medicare and lower costs for seniors.

GOP-aligned special interest groups have reserved nearly $7 million worth of TV ads in the Minneapolis media market in the fall, after spending over $600,000 in June alone, compared with Kistner’s $500,000 cash on hand – meaning the vast majority of attacks on Rep. Craig’s record will come from super PACs and outside spending. 

Last year, Rep. Craig was one of 12 Democratic members targeted with television ads in a $4 million American Action Network ad campaign lobbying against legislation to lower drug costs. American Action Network is a dark money group funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Watch “Noah” here:

“Noah” transcript:

“I love being Noah’s grandma, but well, there’s a lot of … this.

And, Minnesota, it’s already coming your way.

The drug companies and special interests are spending millions because Tyler Kistner’s their candidate.

They know if I’m in Congress, I’ll keep standing up to them and fighting for you.

Your turn, Mom.

I’m Angie Craig and I approve this message because their negative smears belong right here.”