New Ad: “Sacrifice” Highlights Angie Craig’s Work to Reform Washington and Restore Faith in Our Democratic Process

Today, U.S. Representative Angie Craig released a new ad – “Sacrifice” – highlighting her extensive and tireless work to rid politics of corrupt special interests and restore faith in our democratic process, moving us closer to a government that works for Minnesotans.

“With Washington’s inability to effectively respond to the coronavirus and support the millions of Americans who are out of work, many folks understandably feel like they’ve been left behind by a government dominated by big money and special interests,” said Representative Craig. “It’s long past time that Congress got its priorities straight and gave power back to the American people. In Congress, I’m committed to working with members of both parties to set politics aside and rebuild a government that works for everyday Minnesotans – not just the rich and powerful.”

Even before she was sworn in, Angie got to work helping to craft the For the People Act, a comprehensive reform bill that would put an end to the dark money in American politics. And she didn’t stop there. In February, the President signed into law Angie’s bipartisan bill reigning in $150 billion in federal improper payments. “Sacrifice” highlights Angie’s legislation to ban members of Congress from owning stocks, sitting on for-profit boards and becoming lobbyists, as well as her successful effort to stand up to her party to block a congressional pay raise.

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Watch “Sacrifice” here

“Sacrifice” Ad Transcript

“We’ve seen Minnesota struggle and sacrifice through this crisis. It’s time Washington did too.

It’s why I blocked a congressional pay raise, stopped politicians from using insider information to personally profit from the coronavirus, wrote legislation to ban members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists and worked to cut government waste to save taxpayer dollars.

I’m Angie Craig, and I approved this message because I’ll never stop fighting for Minnesota.”