Life-Long Republican Calls Out Kistner’s Ties to Big Pharma in New Ad

October 7, 2022

Rep. Craig wrote and passed legislation to cap the cost of insulin to lower prescription drug prices for Minnesotans like Dave and his wife, Jody, a Type 1 diabetic

Burnsville, MN – Minnesota native and life-long Republican Dave Vesledahl praises Rep. Angie Craig’s work to lower prescription drug costs for Minnesotans in a new ad, “Dave.” 

Dave’s wife Jody is a Type 1 diabetic. After Rep. Craig’s Affordable Insulin Now Act passed the House, Dave reached out to share his family’s experience watching Jody’s insulin costs increase by more than 200%.

This summer, provisions of Rep. Craig’s Affordable Insulin Now Act were signed into law, capping insulin costs at $35 per month for seniors on Medicare.

“When Dave called me to share his story, I promised him that I would continue to do everything in my power to lower prescription drug costs for Minnesotans,” said Rep. Craig. “Everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care – and I’ll be fighting back against the pharmaceutical companies every step of the way.”

Watch the Ad, “Dave” here.