LETTER | John Wells: Everyone needs decent, affordable health care

By: John Wells, for the Sun This Week

To the editor:

I used to think I was invincible, that the rules didn’t apply to me. That I’d never get sick.

Well, that changed two years ago when I went to my dentist to have a root canal. I learned that the root was unfit for the procedure and had the tooth pulled. But my gums got infected and, after a week of pain, I visited a dental surgeon. He took one look and told me to get to the emergency room. I spent five days in the hospital with doctors trying to keep the infection from going to my brain.

So I learned that the health of my teeth are very directly connected with my medical health. And what I didn’t know could have killed me.

I now understand just how important it is to make sure that everyone has decent, affordable health care. I include dental care, mental health care, and eye and hearing care in this, too. I’m one package. So health care should be one package, too. And while we may think it’s always the “other guy” that needs it, we all do.

This is why I am so deeply thankful that U.S. Rep. Angie Craig, D-Eagan, represents me in the 2nd District. She has been laser focused on fixing our nation’s health care and has authored or co-authored over 100 bills to do so. This after barely a year in office.

I’m especially appreciative that Craig is co-sponsoring a bill called Medicare-X to strengthen health care and lower prescription drug costs. It will help people in rural Minnesota get good, affordable coverage, as well as guarantee maternity care and mental health services.

And whether it’s voting to pass House Rule 3 to lower the cost of prescription drugs, fighting to end youth vaping, or leading efforts to lower insulin costs, she is there working hard for each of us. In addition, if you’ve got an idea or concern, you can talk to Angie yourself at one of her monthly free and open town halls.

So, the next time you hear someone whine about do-nothing politicians, tell them about Angie Craig.

John Wells

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