Letter: Craig works for her constituents

By Sun This Week – June 9, 2022

To the editor:

Angie Craig is in a swing district. She needs voters’ support to keep the Democrats in the House majority.

Sharon Peterson in her letter (“Same old club, same failed promises,” June 2) talks about Craig’s support for anti-corruption legislation to prevent members of Congress from trading individual stocks while in Congress. This legislation is supported by Democrats but opposed by Republicans. Anti-corruption reforms will never pass if we don’t vote for candidates like Craig who support this legislation.

I hear a lot about Democrats failing to pass their legislative agenda. To pass this popular agenda, more Democrats who support these positions need to be elected. There are many popular proposals that haven’t passed, because Democrats don’t have a large enough majority to overcome Republican opposition. Republicans are, indeed, the party of “No.”

So, who should we vote for in CD2? My answer is Angie Craig, who supports and promotes legislative proposals that are popular with the public. Among her specific policy positions:

Anti-corruption legislation to assure that Congress represents the public interest over special interests: 97% support, Roth Zackary, “Fighting corruption polls off the charts” December 2013.

Sensible gun safety measures to address the public mass shootings: public support ranges from 57% to 89% for specific gun safety measures, PBS/Marist poll 2019.

Voter rights legislation: 70% of all voters support, September 2021, Vox Poll.

Affordable childcare, child tax credits, universal pre-K, affordable prescription drugs and health care expansion, clean energy, and other infrastructure improvements also known as Build Back Better: 66% overall support of all voters, Navigator Research, September 2021.

Women’s Reproductive Rights: 64% voter support for preserving Roe vs. Wade, MPR Marist Poll, May 2022.

Fair taxation of corporations and wealthy to reduce income inequality: 70% support, October 2021, Vox Poll.

Police Justice Reforms: 66% overall support, Gallup Poll, May 2021.

A real question is, what agenda do Republicans support? According to Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, “I’ll let you know when we take back the majority.” Not acceptable. We need to support Democratic candidates, like Angie Craig, who promote policy positions that will help the American public.

Lynn Rankinen


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