Letter: Craig is working hard for constituents

Tom Traub, Sun This Week, September 8, 2022

To the editor:

The Donald Trump-endorsed Tyler Kistner is not who we need in Congress. It is no wonder Trump endorsed him. At Trump’s and Rudy Giuliani’s urging, Kistner unsuccessfully sued to halt the certification of Minnesota’s election results and continued to perpetuate the Big Lie throughout 2021. Thankfully law and order prevailed and the Minnesota Supreme Court threw out the meritless suit. Kistner also echoed Trump’s quacky coronavirus treatment schemes like injecting disinfectants into people with his own bizarre claims that hospitals could cure COVID-19 with “zinc and malaria type cures.”

Meanwhile U.S. Rep. Angie Craig, D-Prior Lake, was fighting on our behalf to get Medicare to negotiate out of control drug prices just like large corporations already do. She also sponsored the Affordable Insulin Now Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives, to cap the cost of insulin at $35. Kistner would have worked against both of these efforts.

Craig has proven she is one of the most hardworking U.S. representatives in the U.S. Congress. She is dedicated to supporting Minnesota families and businesses. She knows small businesses create jobs and that is why she sponsored the Small Business Tax Relief Act. And she knows that one of the biggest problems facing businesses right now is the lack of skilled labor and that is why she also sponsored the Supporting Apprenticeship Colleges Act, which was cosponsored by both Republicans and Democrats.

Meanwhile Tyler Kistner was submitting inflated mileage reimbursement claims for his own benefit while Angie Craig was sponsoring the No Tax Dollars for First-Class Flights Act because she knows that tax dollars should never pay for first class flights. She has proven that she can and will fight for our interests, not for Donald Trump’s personal interests.

Tom Traub


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