Reforming Washington

My Values:

We shouldn’t even need to say it out loud, but members of Congress should be in Washington
to serve their constituents, not party leaders or special interest groups. Since Minnesotans first
sent me to Congress, I’ve been working to clean up Washington and ensure elected leaders are
held accountable. Our work to stop this corruption in Washington is not always popular among
my colleagues on either side of the aisle, but I know it’s what’s right for Minnesotans and all

What I’ve Done:

  • I’m leading the bipartisan charge in the House to ban members of Congress from owning or trading individual stocks.
  • I introduced the Closing the Congressional Revolving Door Act to impose a ban on
    lobbying for former members of Congress.
  • I opposed any pay raises for Members of Congress while hardworking American families
    are still struggling with inflation.
  • I wrote and introduced the No Tax Dollars for First Class Flights Act, which would
    prevent members of Congress from using your tax dollars to purchase first-class tickets.

I pledge again to:

  • Never take a job as a registered lobbyist and support reforms to prevent any Member
    from ever doing so after they’ve completed their public service.
  • Hold at least one town hall-style event per month that is open to the public with a robust
    questions and answer period.
  • Donate my pay during any government shutdown.
  • Voluntarily implement the principles of the Honest Ads Act by making all of my social
    media ads identifiable and publicly available.
  • Make all publicly available campaign donor information available on my website.