Supporting Public Safety and Law Enforcement

My Values:

As a representative for our community, keeping Minnesotans safe is my most important job. That’s why I’m working to ensure that our police officers have all the tools, resources and funding they need to do their important work. I’ve worked to foster strong relationships with law enforcement across the Second District so they know that I am there to support them. I’ll continue working to ensure our public safety organizations work for all Minnesotans.

What I’ve Done:

I’m a co-sponsor of the Invest to Protect Act  to increase funding for small and mid-size police departments and the Pathways to Policing Act to bolster law enforcement recruitment programs.

I helped introduce and get signed into law the Public Safety Officer Support Act to extend death and disability benefits to officers lost as a result of suicide or disabled by PTSD. 

Last year, I was the first member of the Minnesota Congressional Delegation to publicly oppose the ballot initiative to eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department.

I’m also working to secure additional and necessary investments in public safety. 

Earlier this year, I secured $170,000 for the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office to purchase body cameras for their officers. 

And I’m pushing for additional grant funding that will help hire more police officers in our district, and funding to help hire more firefighters and paramedics in the South Metro area.