National Security and Immigration

In a time of increasing division, we need a smart and tough foreign policy agenda that protects the United States and at the same time preserves the shared American values of privacy, liberty and diversity.

We must equip our military personnel with the 21st century tools they need to defend our nation and eliminate terrorist threats as efficiently and safely as possible. We also must work to restore our strong relationships with our allies. We’re at our safest and strongest when we’re leading a coalition of countries committed to peace and freedom.

Our national security extends to our borders as well. I support investing in smart border security, with drones, sonar and radar. But the reality is that as long as our immigration system is broken, people will continue to work around it. I do not believe the answer to fixing our immigration system is abolishing immigration and customs enforcement (ICE). But they must reform the way they do their jobs to ensure we have a humane legal immigration system. I support bipartisan immigration reform that invests in smart border security, provides a path to citizenship for DREAMERS and law-abiding immigrants and keeps families together.

In 2019, I was proud to cosponsor the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, creating a path for permanent residence for individuals within Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA). These are hardworking Minnesotans who serve in our military, graduate from our schools and contribute to our economy. The development of a path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants will allow everyone to contribute and pay taxes, as well as pay into Medicare and Social Security.

Our nation is built on the promise that we will always be open to those who seek a better life, are willing to work hard and help America grow in the process. I continue to support keeping this promise alive.