Cleaning Up Washington

Members of Congress have too often used their power for personal gain while hardworking Minnesota families struggle just to get by. And as I listen to Minnesotans, I am often struck by a sense of quiet desperation, a sense that no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone does, nothing will ever change. Folks are losing faith.

To restore faith in our democracy, I’ve worked hard to clean up government while remaining transparent, honest and accountable to my constituents. You always know that I am working for you — not party leaders, and not special interests. I’ve held open listening events in every county of the Second District – some more than once – and have my in-district staff bring their services to you by holding regular mobile office hours.

I take cleaning up government seriously, and it’s reflected in my priorities. The very first bill I cosponsored, The For the People Act, would enact a series of sweeping changes to reform our campaign finance system and restore confidence in our elections and government — including prohibiting members of Congress from serving on for-profit boards – a provision I introduced.

I’ve worked across the aisle to introduce a bipartisan bill that would save significant taxpayer dollars by cutting down on improper government payments. I’ve consistently opposed pay raises for members of Congress, and wrote a bill to ban members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists or owning individual stocks.

I made a series of pledges to you to run a clean campaign and a transparent Congressional office. I’ve kept them all.

In 2022, I pledge again to:

  • Promise to you, right now, that I am in this race only to represent the families in our district. I will never take a job as a lobbyist and will support reforms to prevent any Member from ever doing so.
  • Pledge to hold at least one town hall-style event per month that is open to the public, with a robust question and answer period.
  • Voluntarily implement the principles of the Honest Ads Act by making all of my social media ads identifiable and publicly available.
  • Make all publicly available campaign donor information available on my website.
  • Donate my pay during any government shutdown.