Expanding Access to Health Care

My Values:

I know what it’s like to grow up without health insurance. I still remember the box of bills that sat
on our kitchen table when my little sister faced a medical issue. Before I got to Congress, I
worked for two health care manufacturing companies and ran the health plan for a major U.S.
company, so I’ve seen firsthand for my whole life how difficult it is to navigate our health care
system. Since I was elected, I’ve made a lot of enemies in the pharmaceutical companies with
my work to lower costs for Americans, and they’ve fought back with smear campaigns every
time, but I always say: if I lose my next election because I stood up to Big Pharma on behalf of
my constituents, I will wear it as a badge of honor. I’ll keep fighting until every Minnesotan has
access to quality, affordable health care.

What I’ve Done:

  • I wrote the bill – the Affordable Insulin Now Act – to cap insulin co-pays at $35 per month
    and got it passed through the House.
  • I voted to allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies, a policy that will save
    millions of dollars for everyday Americans.
  • I successfully led the effort to fix the “Family Glitch” in the Affordable Care Act, which
    extended coverage to tens of thousands of Minnesotans and millions of Americans who
    had been paying far too much for health care due to bureaucratic red tape
  • I voted to extend the Affordable Care Act premium tax credits through 2025, keeping the
    cost of health insurance more affordable for more than 5 million Americans.
  • I introduced a bill that would lower the cost of health insurance in the individual market.
    And I’ve co-sponsored a bill that would increase competition in the individual
    marketplace for Minnesota families by establishing a public option health plan to
    compete with large insurance companies.
  • I’ve introduced legislation which would increase competition for more affordable generic
    drugs and co-sponsored a bill which would create emergency insulin supplies and hold
    big drug companies accountable for jacking up prices.
  • I’ve worked on legislation that would increase access to mental health services by
    funding new mental health clinics and expanding telehealth services, especially for rural
  • I am a co-sponsor on bills to fight the opioid epidemic and hold drug companies