Protecting our Environment

Climate change is happening. I believe in the science, and we need to address it now. In Minnesota, we’ve already seen milder winters, heat waves, droughts and floods. Climate change further destabilizes our family farms and threatens our children’s futures.

But the threat presents us with the opportunity to create economic growth through smart public policies. Our nation led the world in creating and adapting new technologies in the 20th century. Instead of pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement or repealing the Clean Power Plan, we should continue to lead the world by spearheading the development of the global green economy. We can lower our carbon emissions, build an energy infrastructure that relies less on fossil fuels and attract and advance the industries of the future — and become a world leader in green innovation at the same time.

In Congress, I’ve worked across the aisle to find solutions that make progress for our environment, our economy and for future generations. My first bill in Congress is a bipartisan effort to give local communities the funding they need to address runoff pollution that is enhanced by rapidly melting snow and rain. I am also co-sponsoring the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which will reduce our nation’s carbon emissions, unleash American technological innovation and create millions of new jobs.

As a member of the bipartisan Congressional Biofuels Caucus, I’ve pushed back on the EPA for their inappropriate distribution of small refinery waivers to Big Oil, which only further lines their pockets. I continue to look for common sense, market based initiatives that will allow us to harness economic growth while also combating climate change.