Supporting Economic Growth

Throughout the last few decades, wealth and power have become concentrated into the hands of fewer and fewer people — and everyday Minnesotans have suffered for it. Wages have stayed the same, while the cost of our groceries, prescription drugs, education and other basic household expenses rise.

I’ve taken my two decades of experience in business and managing a workforce of 16,000 employees at a major Minnesota manufacturing company and put it to use in Congress by creating economic opportunity for Minnesotans across the Second District.

Working toward better trade deals.

I fought for the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement to set an unprecedented standard of labor protections, because American workers deserve us to fight to protect them. I’ve also heard from our farmers and small business owners time and again: the trade war with China has gone on long enough. Haphazard trade policy compromises our national security; hurts too many workers, farmers and businesses; and raises prices on basic consumer goods that many Minnesotans can barely afford anyway. We cannot afford to isolate ourselves from the world—but we can adjust our policy in thoughtful ways to make it fair. Tough, focused and wise bipartisan trade reform helps every Minnesotan by creating a level playing field in all sectors of the economy.

Supporting small businesses. 

I fought to serve you on the Small Business Committee, where I work directly to support the success of our local small business owners. I am part-owner of a small business in St. Paul, Structural and work to support the entrepreneurial spirit across the district.

Expanding access to broadband in rural areas.

Access to reliable, high-speed internet is critical for success in a 21st century economy. Our small businesses, farmers, students and families are depending on us to expand broadband so that no one’s opportunities are limited because of where they live or work.

There is still so much more to do for Minnesota workers, farmers and small businesses. That’s why I’m working to:

  • Protect the rights of our unions and their members to organize and collectively bargain for fair, safe workplaces. Labor has built our middle class, and it continues to drive our economy.
  • Encourage companies to invest in their employees by closing tax loopholes that are currently encouraging them to move their jobs overseas. Instead, we should replace these loopholes with tax credits for companies that hire American Workers.
  • Make it easier for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses by increasing access to capital, technical resources and technology; simplifying regulations and taxes for companies with 20 or fewer employees; and increasing tax deductions for start-up and healthcare costs.
  • Establish national Paid Family Leave that respects folks who are welcoming new members of their family, allowing them time to bond with their children without having to worry about a false tradeoff between time with their family and meeting their basic financial needs.