ICYMI: Star Tribune Editorial Board Endorses Angie Craig’s Campaign for Re-Election

“In fact, on most key issues, Craig is not focused on ideology, but on problem solving.”

Today, the Star Tribune Editorial Board announced its endorsement of U.S. Representative Angie Craig’s campaign for re-election in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District. In the endorsement, the board emphasized Craig’s highly productive first term in Congress, highlighting her work to craft the Paycheck Protection Program as well as her bill to extend that vital “bridge to businesses” for an additional five weeks. The editorial board praised Craig’s pragmatic, consensus-driven approach to politics, noting that she does not support Medicare for All, the Green New Deal or defunding the police. Instead, the board writes, Craig has advocated for practical policies like Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and teamed up with members of both parties to strengthen the nation’s supply chains and address federal funding shortfalls for special education programs in Minnesota. 

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Star Tribune: In Second District, Angie Craig has earned a return trip to Congress

“There’s controversy surrounding the Second Congressional District race after a federal judge ruled the contest should proceed Nov. 3 despite the death of Adam Weeks, the Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate. There should not be controversy about which candidate stands out in the race, however. Democrat Angie Craig should return to Congress in order to build upon her impressive first term.”

“In 2018, Craig unseated Republican Jason Lewis in the highly competitive district south and east of the Twin Cities, and her governing style aligns more with the moderate Democrat majority, not the more liberal wing that some Republicans assert is leading the legislative agenda in the House.”

“Craig is not a supporter, however, of the Green New Deal. Nor does she support defunding the police. Rather, she’s voted twice to fund local community policing grants. In fact, on most key issues, Craig is not focused on ideology, but on problem solving.”

“And in the process she tries to work with Republicans. She joined another Democrat and two Republicans to launch the Congressional Supply Chain Caucus, focusing on a national vulnerability that became glaringly apparent during the pandemic. And she has worked closely with fellow freshman Rep. Pete Stauber, a Republican who represents Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, on a bill to address federal funding for special education.”

“For now, Second District voters should proceed as if Nov. 3 is Election Day. And they can cast their ballots with confidence that Angie Craig will continue to work for them in Washington.”