FACT CHECK: Rep. Craig in Top 3% of Bipartisan House Members

September 16, 2022

Burnsville, MN – A new ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) makes misleading claims about U.S. Representative Angie Craig’s voting record.

Rep. Craig is among the top 3% of bipartisan members of the House and is among the top 15 bipartisan House members, Senators and Governors nationwide according to the Common Ground Committee.

The CLF ad claims that Rep. Craig votes with the House Speaker 100% of the time, which is misleading because, by tradition, the Speaker of the House only casts votes on a small percentage of legislation. The Speaker this term has voted 13% of the time, taking 119 votes. In comparison, Rep. Craig has voted nearly 900 times so far in the 117th Congress and currently ranks No. 14 of 226 in voting against her own party.

Rep. Craig regularly stands up to her party on health care, agriculture, and congressional ethics issues, and has worked to build relationships across the aisle since she was first elected in 2018.

Angie Craig for Congress campaign manager Wellesley Daniels released the following statement:

“It’s funny how the Republicans launching these baseless attacks on Rep. Craig’s bipartisan record of results are the very same ones who unanimously opposed legislation to lower health care costs, increase our domestic energy production and uphold Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. They could learn a thing or two from Rep. Craig’s commitment to working across the aisle to get results for Minnesotans.”

Fact Check: