D.C. Memo: Mitts Romney, the ‘annoying Hill bros’

Congressional hopeful weighs in on the alleged human rights abuses by MPD, Rep. Tom Emmer supports Minority Leader McCarthy despite a past betrayal and Rep. Angie Craig tries to do something about our gas prices.

By Ashley Hackett, MinnPost – April 29, 2022

Second District Rep. Angie Craig cosponsored the Gas Prices Relief Act this week, which would help lower high gas costs for Minnesota families by temporarily suspending the 18.4 cent federal gas tax until Jan. 1, 2023. It’s no secret that gas has been prohibitively expensive lately, especially as the  COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain bottlenecks and ongoing war in Ukraine have had harmful effects the economy, driving up prices at the gas pump and the grocery store.

“I know that Minnesotans are struggling to keep up with gas prices, and I share their frustration,” Craig said in a press release. “In these difficult times, Congress must do all it can to lower costs for working families – especially at the gas pump. That’s why, today, I am joining the effort to temporarily suspend the national gas tax and provide some much-needed relief for American consumers.”

Craig also called on Minnesota state leaders to pause the 28.5 cent per gallon gas tax for the rest of the year. Combined with nixing the federal gas tax, current gas prices could go down by about 47 cents per gallon.

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