Craig Applauds Biden’s Support Of Federal Gas Tax Holiday

By Morgan Reddekopp, Burnsville Patch – June 22, 2022

MINNESOTA — Angie Craig applauded President Biden Wednesday for supporting a three month federal gas tax holiday.

This spring, Craig called for a gas tax holiday on both a state and federal level.

“I know that the American people are struggling to keep up with gas prices, and I share their frustration,” Craig said. “Elected officials must come together and use every tool at their disposal to lower prices – including a temporary gas tax holiday which would lower prices by nearly 50 cents per gallon in Minnesota. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – and I am pleased to see this Administration taking an important step toward delivering much-needed relief at the gas pump.”

Gas recently reached a record-high national average of $5/gallon.

Last week, the House of Representatives passed Craig’s Year-Round Fuel Choice Act, which will allow the year round sale of E15, a cheaper type of fuel, Craig said.

Craig said she also co-sponsored the Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act and Gas Prices Relief Act.

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