KSTP: New trade deal with Canada, Mexico to boost US growth

Rep. Angie Craig, a Democrat representing Minnesota’ s 2nd Congressional District, echoed Hagedorn’s sentiment that the U.S.M.C.A. would benefit farmers and small businesses. She also said negotiation over the bill in the House was key for stripping away a provision that would extend market exclusivity on biologic drugs.

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LETTER | John Wells: Everyone needs decent, affordable health care

I used to think I was invincible, that the rules didn’t apply to me. That I’d never get sick. Well, that changed two years ago when I went to my dentist to have a root canal. I learned that the root was unfit for the procedure and had the tooth pulled. But my gums got infected and, after a week of pain, I visited a dental surgeon. He took one look and told me to get to the emergency room. I spent five days in the hospital with doctors trying to keep the infection from going to my brain.

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OP-ED | Craig: Bipartisan solutions can help shared problems

Real solutions to the struggles I hear about from you bind us together. That’s how over 75% of my bills are bipartisan, because day in and day out, I am committed to working with anyone — no matter their party — on any bill that will ease these struggles and make the lives of Minnesota families safer, healthier and happier in the years to come.

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AgriNews: Here’s what people are saying about USMCA

Rep. Angie Craig, D, 2nd District: "After working with the administration to ensure the new US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement protected American workers and did not raise drug prices, I’m proud to announce we have reached a final agreement that supports farmers and bolsters our economy," Craig said on Twitter. "I plan to vote yes on USMCA."

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MinnPost: Craig bill would ban former members of Congress from lobbying

Rep. Angie Craig said that after she leaves Congress, she’s never going to become a lobbyist. And if she has her way, neither will any other member. On Friday, Craig introduced the Halt Unchecked Member Benefits with Lobbying Elimination — or HUMBLE — Act.

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OP-ED | Jennifer Brooks: A new generation in Congress embraces town halls

If constituents didn't get a chance to ask a question in Northfield, they can try again next month, or the month after, or at any of the monthly town halls Craig has planned for her district. It's an honor," she said, "to listen."

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Pioneer Press: In her first months in Congress, MN Rep. Angie Craig seeks success by reaching across the aisle

In an era of political tribalism, Democratic U.S. Rep. Angie Craig strives to be bipartisan. The congresswoman from Minnesota’s 2nd District has notched some early wins in her first months in Congress by keeping to her campaign promise to work across the aisle. In her first 100 days in Washington, she introduced four bills and amendments and co-sponsored 93 more. Sixty-one percent of the bills she co-sponsored were bipartisan.

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OP-ED | Angie Craig, Pete Stauber: Federal government must deliver on its special education funding obligation

While we are on opposite sides of the aisle in Congress, we want many of the same things for our neighbors, including timely and affordable health care, safer communities or brighter futures for our children. Sometimes, we just have different ideas on how to get there.

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